Private label cold brew coffee? Go for cold drip coffee instead!

Next to offering our own range of specialty single origin cold drip coffees we offer the opportunity to develop private label cold drip coffee. We understand that in certain situations it is not possible to stock products from different brands as it is not in line with the company strategy. Therefore we offer the opportunity to have a full private label developed by us in which we can modify the cold drip coffee to exactly match your customers demands. No matter if you are a large coffee chain, a coffee roaster or an enthusiastic reseller. If you are considering starting a private label cold brew coffee make sure to consider going for private label cold drip coffee instead. Cold drip offers you flavor and complexity that is unmatched by any cold brew.


About Batavia Cold Drip Coffee

We have been pioneering the cold coffee scene since 2014 and have been producing cold drip coffee since the very start. When we got the first order of dutch coffee makers (cold drip towers) in we started doing extensive trials with cold brew coffee and cold drip coffee. We clearly found that cold drip coffee is the only way to go if you’re aiming for flavor. Since then we’ve developed and built all machinery to brew commercial scale volumes of cold drip coffee making sure we can modify anything that impacts flavor. In our we 800m2 production facility we brew, fill, pasteurize and label of our coffees making sure we are able to produce the best black ice coffees available worldwide.

Private label cold brew coffee vs. private label cold drip coffee

We are one of the few companies worldwide that have the possibility to produce commercial scale volumes of cold drip coffee. The process of brewing cold drip coffee is completely different from cold brew even though both methods use cold water to brew the coffee. With a cold brew coffee you simply grind coffee and throw it in a bucket of water. After the brewing time you easily filter out the coffee grinds and the brew is finished. Although this method is extremely simple unfortunately not all flavor is extracted from the coffee. This results in a brew lacking complexity and leaving a tangy aftertaste that is unliked by many. With cold drip coffee, even the final drop of water passing through the coffee grounds has maximum capacity to extract flavours. Therefore, in a cold drip coffee, the flavor of the brew differs majorly at the beginning, middle and end of the brew. Only when the brew is completely finished and the final brew is stirred you get a rich, complex and fully developed black ice coffee that can never be achieved by cold brewing your coffee using the full immersion method.

Next to the advantage of having a better extraction method we can modify a lot more variables that have a major impact of the flavour than when making a cold brew. With our fully computer operated brewing system we can modify the mineral content of the water, the drip rate and water temperature during different stages of the brew etcetera. The results in a crisp, clean and consistent product with a long shelf life.

We feel that if you’re a professional in the field and you’re aiming for the best cold coffee available you should always go for cold drip instead of cold brew. Yes it is easier to find private label cold brew producer (as anyone can do it) but if you aim for the best, go for cold drip coffee instead.

Batavia Cold Drip Coffee Drink

Is private label cold drip coffee more expensive than private label cold brew coffee?

This is a question we often receive and the answer is no. As the extraction in a cold drip coffee is more efficient than in a cold brew coffee and since we have automated many aspects of the production we can offer our coffee at a similar price point as producers that offer cold brew. Next to this we have 6 years of experience purely producing cold drip coffee so this isn’t a simple side project for us because we happen to have some brewing kettles standing around at our soft drink manufacturing plant.

I barely know where I can find the Netherlands on the world map, can I still order with your company?

Yes you can. We’ve been going from 2014 and from the start onwards we’ve focused a lot on partnerships worldwide. We can supply anywhere in Europe, have experience with shipment to Arabic countries like Kuwait, The United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. Since Rotterdam holds one of the larger harbours in the world we can ship anywhere within reasonable shipping times.

Which private label cold drip coffee options do you offer?

We offer different options for getting your own product to the shelf quickly. For smaller quantities we offer the possibility to mention your brand on our label as a joint label. For larger quantities we offer the possibility for a full private label coffee. The way the partnership is setup differs, mostly based on the location of our partner. Of course we understand a coffee roaster has a preference for using a coffee they’ve roasted. We gladly offer this possibility. If your company is based far away we can completely take care of all steps needed in the process and source a coffee that tailors to your needs and supply you with ready to drink bottles and avoiding high shipping costs for the roasted coffees to us.

How much does it cost to have my own recipe developed?

We like coffee and experimenting so we also welcome to try new coffees every day. Therefore we gladly test your coffees to be able to taste them as a cold drip coffee free of charge when you’re thinking about stocking ready to drink cold drip coffee. This provides you with a perfect opportunity to be able to taste the difference between cold brew coffee and cold drip coffee.

What are your minimum order quantities and price per bottle of cold drip coffee?

If you’ve reached this question I think it would be great to get in touch and talk further so we can provide you with more tailored information. We’d love to talk further so please contact us via or via 0031 – 6 20 19 86 46. We look forward to answering all of your questions!