Coffee concentrate bulk supplier

Over the last years we have been increasingly focussing on producing the best possible liquid concentrated cold drip coffee available. With experience manufacturing and producing liquid cold drip coffee since 2014 we know how to get the very best from each coffee we produce and can offer bulk coffee concentrate in a variety of packaging options. Our offering consists of freshly brewed coffee concentrate in bulk packaging as well as shelf stable concentrates in smaller quantity packaging options like bag in box.

We do the same for the coffee concentrates we make as we do for our ready to drink cold drip coffee; making sure the batches we produce fully meet the customers requirements and focussing on the aspects our partner highlights. This means we can fully dedicate in getting the best of the best from a specialty coffee that belongs to the best 1% of coffees worldwide but also that we can focus on trying to find the best options available in projects with a more commercial approach.

Brewed to your specifications

We can produce coffee concentrates using one of our in house developed concentrate recipes and using coffees we have in our standard offering but can also create fully customized recipes following custom requirements and using coffee that has been sourced according to our partners requirements.

Liquid cold drip coffee concentrate

Our concentrates are brewed cold using the cold drip method along with a lot of patience and we don’t apply heating to reduce the quantity brewed to increase the concentrates strength. This means you will have the best tasting product available but also means we’re not aiming at 1 drop per 1 litre crazy extracts that have been boiled down till the point it’s almost turning solid (and that, surprise surprise) tastes like a pot of filter coffee that has been standing on a heating plate for 3 days in a row.

Concentrated coffee packaging options

We can produce our cold drip coffee concentrate in a variety of packaging ranging from small 125ml bottles with a shelf life of one year to bag in box to bulk productions in 1000 litre IBC containers supplied to other manufacturers for further processing.

Concentrated coffee extract – what companies do we partner with

Our liquid coffee concentrates can be used for a variety of purposes. We can create coffee concentrates that are fully setup to be diluted down to ready to drink strength by end users, have recipes tailor made to be added to (plant based) milk recipes, either by other manufacturers or end users and can brew the best coffee concentrate possible to serve as the basis for your espresso martini recipe, protein drink, season specialty beer or baking recipe. A selection of companies we work with consists of cocktail companies, spirit producers, ice cream producers, ice coffee producers, large scale bakery companies, coffee roasters, beer breweries etc.

Why choose us to partner up for your coffee concentrate

Ample experience fully dedicating and devoting ourselves to the production of cold drip coffee and concentrate for over a decade.

Beating cold brew coffee concentrate in terms of flavour like a stroll in the park

Great variety and flexibility in terms of volume, recipe development and scalability. No quantity is too much for us. This provides our customs with the confidence that they can grow without supply chain issues and headache. We can supply customers both with 240 liter in 3 liter bag in box but can also brew 20.000 liters with ease.

Contact us to discuss the scope of your project

Contact us via to learn more about the possibilities or to setup a call. We both have possibilities for smaller production runs as well as for tens of thousands of liters in bulk packaging so don’t hesitate to reach out.