Buy cold brew coffee, DIY cold brew or go for cold drip?

Everybody that’s in love with cold brew coffee will have a great time in supermarkets in the United States. Many supermarkets offer a wide range of ready to drink cold brew coffee or cold brew coffee concentrates making it really easy to buy cold brew coffee. The trend is starting to appear in the Netherlands as well. But should you buy cold brew coffee, DIY cold brew or go for cold drip coffee?

Buy cold brew coffee

Regretfully almost all companies producing bottled coffees have decided to not look beyond making cold brew coffee although everybody in the coffee industry, and almost all consumers, would prefer cold drip coffee over cold brew. Cold drip has a very rich, complex and layered flavor that is unmatched by any cold brew. Surely this doesn’t take away that grabbing a bottle of cold brew coffee will get you energized. So if you haven’t had the opportunity the brew your own make sure to grab one from the shelf. Also, tasting a bottled cold brew is great to rediscover your thoughts on drinking cold coffee. Cold brew, similar to cold drip coffee, tastes tons of times better than a cooled down warm coffee.

DIY cold brew coffee

Although buying a bottle of cold brew is very convenient we’d definitely recommend people to take the effort to just make DIY cold brew coffee as it is so extremely easy to brew at home. All you need is coffee, a grinder, a pot to hold the brew and a sieve to filter out the coffee grounds. Oh and something to keep track of time of course but that shouldn’t be too complicated assuming most people don’t require the sun anymore to tell the time. So if you want to save money and drink the coffee you prefer just make yours at home. If you’re looking for a recipe to try you find it here!

Batavia Cold Drip Coffee Glas DIY
Batavia Cold Drip Coffee Tower 2

Go for cold drip coffee

If you’ve tasted cold brew but missed flavor or depth you should definitely try cold drip coffee. The downside of cold drip is that it requires a bit of specialized equipment making it harder to do at home. Fortunately it’s not completely impossible though!

Do it yourself cold drip coffee

We quite frequently receive questions of people that want to brew cold drip at home without the needed equipment and have sometimes been surprised with the creative ideas people came up with. We’ve seen contraptions that were made with differently cut plastic bottles that were fit together to achieve something similar to a Dutch coffee maker (cold drip tower) that seemed to work at least to some degree. We also received photos from people that used laboratory equipment at work to brew their cup of cold drip. If you have the great advantage of living in a country that has great water quality (and no chlorine) you’re in luck. This enables you to place a filter coffee underneath a dripping tap. Next to alleviating you from the annoying sound of a dripping tap it will also ensure you have a quite nice brewed pot of cold drip the day after. Even though the methods above are quite easy obviously this will be miles away from the bottles of  cold drip coffee that we brewed using professional and computer controlled machinery and specifically controlled mineral content in the used water.


Which do you pick?

So in summary, if you’re looking for a pickup me up on the spot most definitely try a bottled coffee, even when a cold brew coffee. If you like cold brew most definitely try making it at home because it is super simple. If you want the real cold coffee experience make sure to try cold drip coffee. It’s a bit harder to do yourself but treating yourself to our bottles is easy 😉 Cheers!