Batavia Cold Drip Coffee

We believe that Batavia Cold Drip Coffee is the best cold coffee available. In 18 hours ice cold water drips through our freshly roasted and grounded beans. This gives our coffee a rich, smooth and unique complex flavor profile.

Great on a hot day in an ice cold glass, as the secret ingredient in your (alcohol free) cocktail or when you need some extra energy to get through the day. No additives, zero sugar.

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Batavia Cold Drip Coffee was founded in 2014 by Robert Nijhof and Jits Krol. 

Batavia Coffee ice cold drip Ethiopia Yirgacheffe region 350ml


Salvadoran Espana



The Salvadoran España is grown on the Ipanaca-Ilamatepec mountrain range in the Ahuacapán department of El Salvador knows for the many active volcanoes. The coffee is from the Bourbon family and is grown at an altitude of 1400 to 1450 metres above sea level.



The coffee is characterized by traditional coffee flavours and tastes of almond and is well balanced. The aftertaste is dominated by smooth milky chocolate notes. A delicious coffee to drink pure or to combine with chocolate.

batavia cold drip coffee espana 125ml
batavia cold drip coffee espana

Batavia Cold Drip Coffee Yirgacheffe 125
Batavia Cold Drip Coffee Yirgacheffe

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe



Fruity and complex coffee for the lover of specialty coffees. The Ethiopian Yirgacheffe is grown in the world famous Yirgacheffe region. The coffee is grown on a height between 1850 and 2000 meters and is of the Heirloom variety.



The coffee is characterized by traditional coffee flavours and The Yirgacheffe is an unwashed coffee, where part of the coffee cherry is left on the bean while drying. This gives the coffee a very deep and fruity character, which is perfect with fruit or in cocktails.

Colombian Huila



The Colombian Huila is a Microlot coffee from Finca Montañita that is situated in the Alto Planes. This single estate coffee belongs to the Catturo variety.



The Huila is characterized by explosive flavours accompanied by notes of orange.  This coffee is usually preferred by espresso drinkers and pairs very nicely with ginger.
The coffee is also a good base for a classic iced coffee.

Batavia Cold Drip Coffee Huila 125
Batavia Cold Drip Coffee Huila

Mix Packs


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About Us

Batavia Coffee is a company founded with a singular goal; conveying our passion for coffee and the unique Dutch Coffee brewing method to the Netherlands and the world. Even though everybody agrees that blending wine from 8 races and 6 countries is a bad idea, a lot of people are not that critical about their coffee. Even when coffee is the second most consumed beverage worldwide after water! With Batavia Dutch Coffee we make our passion tangible – in three distinct flavours we offer the very best coffee we could possibly make for your enjoyment, hoping to one day share our passion with coffee lovers worldwide. If you want to know more about Batavia Coffee/Cold Drip Coffee, be sure to check out Dutch Coffee, our blog and recipes as well.