Batavia Cold Drip Coffee Signature Cocktails

Coffee cocktails were very limited in the range of flavours that could be achieved as they were always created with a cooled down warm coffee. A cooled down warm coffee is very bitter and therefore needs a lot of sugar to create an enjoyable cocktail. As cold drip coffee is far less bitter this opens doors for new combinations that would be impossible to create with a cooled down warm coffee.

As subtle flavours from the coffee come out very pronounced in a cold drip it is necessary to use the right coffee for the right cocktail. We have developed to exactly match the right cold drip coffee with the right spirit, soda and garnishes.

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Below you find the 3 cocktails we proudly call our signature cold drip coffee cocktails!

Batavia Cold Drip Coffee Cocktail Yirgacheffe

Ethiopian Yirgacheffee Cold Drip Coffee Gin and Tonic:

If you’re looking for an extremely refreshing coffee cocktail make sure to try our Ethiopian Yirgacheffe cold drip coffee and tonic. Most people find the thought of adding coffee (that is usually associated with bitterness) to tonic (which is bitter) quite surprising. Surprisingly enough the sweet fruity Ethiopian Yirgacheffe actually seems to add a sweetness to the tonic water. Please do be warned, this drink is quite addictive for hot summer days. Fortunately the alcohol free version is great to drink too!

For this cocktail you need:
– 200ml tonic
– 50ml Batavia Cold Drip – Ethiopian Yirgacheffe
– Mango slices
– Kaffir lime leaves (dry / fresh both work)
– Ice cubes

Start by pouring the tonic is a large glass with ice cubes. Add the mango slices and use a kaffir lime leave to rub on the edge of the glass. Add 2 kaffir lime leaves to the drink and very gently pour the cold drip coffee (if at hand via a spoon) on top for a nice red lair of cold drip. Serve with a stirring stick and stir before drinking, cheers!

Colombian Huila Cold Drip Coffee Cocktail with Ginger and Rum

If you like a bit of spice in your drinks the Huila Ginger Cocktail is an absolute must try! This cold drip coffee cocktail uses the Colombian Huila which is our most herbal and explosive coffee. This coffee is an excellent match for the flavour of ginger and goes well with other spices like cinnamon when drank in the fall or winter. Similar to the cold drip tonic cocktail the non-alcoholic is a great refreshing drink in the summer!

For this cocktail you need:
– 200 ml ginger ale or ginger beer
– 50 ml Batavia Cold Drip – Colombian Huila
– Orange peel or orange parts
– Slices of fresh ginger
– Ice cubes
– Optional: cinnamon stick
– 50ml of brown rum or whiskey

Start with adding the fresh slices of ginger to the glass and add the ice cubes on top. Pour the ginger ale over the ice cubes and add the orange and optionally the cinnamon stick. Now slowly add the cold drip coffee to the cocktail via a spoon so the coffee rests on top of the ginger ale without blending. After serving the cocktail can be stirred with the cinnamon stick. Enjoy!

Batavia Cold Drip Coffee Cocktail Huila

Batavia Cold Drip Coffee Cocktail Espana

Salvadoran Espana Cold Drip Coffee Cocktail with Chocolate Milk and Vanilla

If you like coffee and are fond of chocolate this will be the mix for you! The Salvadoran Espana already has a flavour profile that is rich of chocolate notes making it the perfect partner of to mix with chocolate milk. This mix can both be served cold and warm. Adding liquor 43 to the mix adds a great taste of vanilla. If you prefer a stronger coffee flavor to the mix we recommend adding some Tia Maria!

For this cocktail you need:
– 100ml chocolate milk
– 100ml Salvadoran Espana
– 1 cinnamon stick
– 50 ml liquor 43 or Tia Maria
– Ice cubes when served cold

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