Cold brew coffee cocktails – forget about espresso martini

Since the invention of the infamous espresso martini coffee has been an ingredient used in many different cocktails. The espresso martini was created in the late eighties by bartender Bart Bradsell when he was asked to pour a customer a drink that would “wake her up and fuck her up”. This cocktail consists of vodka, coffee liquor, sugar and a shot of espresso. The ingredients are added together with ice cubes and then shaked to create a foamy finish. Fortunately this cocktail can now be created with a lot more ease and a lot less equipment. Cold brew (and drip) coffee cocktails are the future in cocktail shaking.

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Cold brew and cold drip coffee cocktails vs. espresso coffee cocktails

Although the espresso martini is an absolute classic amongst coffee cocktails the introduction of cold brew and cold drip offer a wider range of possibilities than ever before. Normally each coffee cocktail was in need of either sugar, sugar sirop or spirits high in sugar content such as liquors. This necessity is born from the need for compensation of the introduction of the extreme bitterness of a cooled down warm coffee. Heating of coffee is responsible for the rapid oxidization of the coffee aromas. Furthermore heat can cause aromas to burn leading to a burnt and bitter flavour. As in both cold drip and cold brew heat is never an issue this eliminates a lot of the bitterness in the coffee (obviously a slight bitterness from the roasting of the coffee can’t be eliminated fully). The absence of extreme bitterness eliminates the need for compensation by sweetness therefore paving the way for cold brew and drip coffee cocktail combinations that are virtually limitless.

Must try cold drip coffee cocktails

As mentioned both cold brew and cold drip coffee are both suitable for making coffee cocktails. This doesn’t mean that each combination works. We therefore have taken it upon us to save you a lot of effort (and headache) and create a number of tried and tested great combinations! Each cold drip coffee we offer has a very distinct flavour profile this often means the coffees in the recipes are not successfully interchangeable. Fortunately the gin and tonic hype has already taught many of us how large the difference in using different tonic and gins can be and that not every combination works. If you like coffee and you like coffees absolutely make sure to treat yourself to the night of fun trying the different cold drip coffee cocktails suggestions! You find our signature cold drip coffee cocktails here, make sure to give them a try!

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