Cold brew coffee – the frequently asked questions

Even though we only make cold drip coffee we do receive many questions from people with regards to cold brew coffee. Although cold drip coffee and cold brew coffee are completely different brewing methods we are familiar with both. In this article we’ll therefore try to answer some of the commonly asked questions about cold brew coffee. Some of your questions might have been answered in more depth in different articles already so if you’re looking for more information on a certain topic make sure to check the in depth topics on these subjects.

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Nitro coffee vs. Cold brew coffee – What are the differences?

The most recent craze in cold brew coffee is nitro cold brew. Even thought we focus on the production of cold drip coffee only we receive many inquires about nitro coffee vs. cold brew coffee. Therefore we’ll try to highlight some frequently asked questions about this topic.

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Cold brew coffee – What is it and why do it at home?

As mentioned in the black ice coffee overview there are several different ways to prepare a black ice coffee. We already talked about flash brew and cold drip coffee and have hopefully answered most questions why you should try it at least once. In this article we will specifically talk about cold brew coffee. Because each method has its own advantages and disadvantages we’ll highlight these to help you make the right choice.

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Cold brew coffee cocktails – forget about espresso martini

Since the invention of the infamous espresso martini coffee has been an ingredient used in many different cocktails. The espresso martini was created in the late eighties by bartender Bart Bradsell when he was asked to pour a customer a drink that would “wake her up and fuck her up”. This cocktail consists of vodka, coffee liquor, sugar and a shot of espresso. The ingredients are added together with ice cubes and then shaked to create a foamy finish. Fortunately this cocktail can now be created with a lot more ease and a lot less equipment. Cold brew (and drip) coffee cocktails are the future in cocktail shaking.

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Buy cold brew coffee, DIY cold brew or go for cold drip?

Everybody that’s in love with cold brew coffee will have a great time in supermarkets in the United States. Many supermarkets offer a wide range of ready to drink cold brew coffee or cold brew coffee concentrates making it really easy to buy cold brew coffee. The trend is starting to appear in the Netherlands as well. But should you buy cold brew coffee, DIY cold brew or go for cold drip coffee?

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Cold brew coffee vs. cold drip coffee vs. flash brew – A full guide to black ice(d) coffee

In many countries drinking cold coffee consumption is rising quickly. Even though in some countries the habit has been around for decades, in others it is quite new and this sometimes leads to misunderstandings about different cold coffees. Nobody would ever state that an espresso tastes the same as a filter coffee because there is such a major difference in flavour. Strangely enough, even though the flavours amongst cold coffee vary tremendously in terms of flavours, due to the novelty of drinking cold coffee quite often a coffee that is drank cold is simply called ice(d) coffee or cold brewed coffee. Hopefully this article will provide a bit more clarity about the differences between different brewing methods and about the right name for the right coffee. There are four different ways to prepare yourself a black ice coffee.

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