Who doesn’t love hot chocolate? Well, it gets even more exciting when you add Batavia Dutch coffee to it. This drink can be served both warm and cold, which makes it a winner during both winter and summer! Even though Batavia coffee is best served cold, it can also be served warm. The Ethiopian Limu grows in the darker parts of Beletta forest at 1800 meters altitude, in the Limu Region. The Limu tastes just like traditional coffee that contains dark chocolate and caramel flavors. Which is exactly why it combines this well with hot chocolate. Fit girl and food blogger Fit with Lien made this delicious post-workout drink: hot chocolate with coffee. Very simple and highly recommended!

What do you need?

  • 100ml Limu
  • 250ml of almond milk or oat milk
  • 2ts of raw cacao
  • 1ts of cinnamon

How do you make Hot Chocolate with Limu?

Step 1: Heat the milk in a pan or microwave.

Step 2: Add cacao powder, the coffee and cinnamon and stir gently.

Step 3: Variations with this drink are endless. It can be drunk cold by skipping step 1 and mixing the milk directly with the coffee or try mixing it with soy- or cow milk instead of Almond or oat milk. Additionally, you could also make a delicious cocktail with this recipe, by simple adding some Liquor 43. However you end up preparing the drink, the taste will be delightful.

Why cacao?

Did you know raw cacao has a lot of benefits? It’s packed with magnesium and iron. Furthermore, cacao contains a lot of antioxidants and phenethylamine. From which the later provides a happy feeling. Some sources even go so far as to say cacao lowers blood pressure. A real guilt-free pleasure!