After the great Christmas market success, we were ready for a bigger audience. It was time to introduce Batavia Dutch coffee to all coffee lovers in the Netherlands. This week, we would like to take you with us to our very first Amsterdam Coffee Festival!

Amsterdam Coffee Festival

Packed with renewed enthusiasm, but still with way too little capacity, we started with the preparations for the Amsterdam Coffee Festival. We bought our first full palette of coffee bottles and produced 400 litres of coffee with our 20 litre prototype batch. With the help of family and friends, we bottled our first “big” batch of a 1000 bottles.

The coffeelovers of the Netherlands

In 2015, we realized that even coffee enthusiasts were still sceptical about drinking cold coffee. A lot of them had never even consumed black ice coffee before. Or worse, confused different brewing methods to prepare black ice coffee with each other.

If it ain’t Dutch, it ain’t much!

During “Business to Business Friday” we found that a lot of (coffee) companies were highly excited about our coffees. Although our stand was placed mildly inconvenient we got a lot of visitors forwarded from other exhibitors. Additionally, our balloons and shirt branded with the text “if it ain’t Dutch, it ain’t much” proofed to be a huge success too! Mom and dad were dragged to our stand so the kids could receive a balloon, leading the parents right in to a nice conversation with us ;).  About half way through the day, not a single child could’ve been spotted without a balloon.

Conquering the Netherlands

On Sunday, we were left with just one concern, not handing out too much coffees leaving us empty handed. Eventually, we ended up selling about 900 bottles! We then realized it was time to develop a strategy that would conquer the Netherlands.

To be continued…