Our Limu coffee can be deliciously combined with chocolate. So that is exactly what we did for this delicious chocolate cocktail. Limu grows in the shades of the Beletta forest in the Limu region of Ethiopia. The Arabica coffee belongs to the Ethiopian Heirloom variety, growing at 1800 meters of altitude. The Limu is characterized by traditional coffee flavours with a dark chocolate and caramel aftertaste. With the added freshness of citrus, this coffee is delicious both pure or combined with chocolate. The chocolate cocktail really brings suits the coffee well. This cocktail recipe can be created with or without alcohol, making it a delicious breakfast drink as well. Without further ado, this is how you can make a chocolate cocktail with Limu coffee yourself! Also, check out our other Batavia dutch coffee recipes here

What do you need?

For the mocktail you need:

  • 100ml of chocolate milk
  • 100ml Limu Batavia coffee
  • 1 cinnamon stick

For the cocktail, you need to add:

  • 50ml of Licor 43

How to make Chocolate cocktail with Limu Coffee?

Step 1: Pour the chocolate milk and Limu coffee in a glass and add the cinnamon stick

Step 2: Add the Licor 43 to make a cocktail out of your mocktail.

Tip! Allergies? Replace the chocolate milk with chocolate oat milk or chocolate almond milk!

About Licor 43

Licor 43 is a Spanish liqueur that originally comes from Cartagena. It dates from 1924 and contains 43 secret ingredients. Until today, nobody has managed to find this secret recipe! However, in the unique taste of licor 43 at least a hint of citrus and vanilla can be found. The indefinable flavor and unique character makes this liqueur a perfect match with our Limu coffee. It is a sweet tasting liqueur containing 31% alcohol. It is one of the most famous Spanish liqueurs and all 43 ingredients are natural.