Every Tuesday, a new addition is made to the Batavia Coffee blog. In the blog, we write about the road we travelled so far. It all started with an idea that occurred on a bleak day in India. This week: Selling Cold drip coffee at an ice cold Christmas market.

Ice coffee on a Christmas market

After we had been selling our coffee at a pop-up store located in Utrecht we started to get the hang of it. We got a lot of feedback from the people who consumed our coffees, which was great. It was good to see how big the differences were between the six coffees we offered them. To prove that Cold coffee can be consumed everywhere, we decided to participate in the Christmas market in our hometown Leiden. Selling Cold drip coffee at a Christmas market might not be the best idea whit temperatures around the freezing point, but we had good faith.

A hunch of something great

Fortunately, we decided to set up our wooden chalet with the necessary, yet probably flammable, Christmas lights from a cheap mass production store. Honestly, the first days were pretty tough. It was extremely cold outside and although it was not a problem for people to buy our Dutch Coffee it seemed a reasonable step to go out and visit the market. Fortunately, after a day or two, it became a bit drier and soon we wondered if we had enough bottles of coffee in stock. In advance, we decided to start the evening of day three by producing more coffee.

A marathon

On day four it became clear that our planning was off. Instead of just having to sell the coffee at the Christmas market, we now also had to produce coffee twice a day! After we finished working at the Christmas market, we had to produce coffee until late at night just to make sure there was enough coffee for the next day. Waking up early the next morning, we had to paste the labels with sleepy eyes, just before going to the Christmas market again. It was like a marathon. But one thing was clear: Dutch people also like ice coffee during winter!

To be continued…