Every Thursday a new blogpost is added to the Batavia Coffee Blog, in which we take you with us on our Dutch coffee adventure! In the previous weeks, you could read how it all started and which obstacles we had to overcome to bring Cold Drip Coffee onto the Dutch market. Today we will discuss how we selected the current Dutch Coffee flavors for Batavia coffee. A whole new world opened up for use while testing specialty coffees. Also, check out our recipe page for some inspiring recipes made with Dutch Coffee.

Specialty Coffees

A bag of Sidamo coffee beans received from a Belgium specialty coffee brewer in Breda, introduced us to the world of top-notch coffees. Although we have always been big fans of trying new coffees, never before had we tasted a light roasted, fruity specialty coffee. The Sidamo, as a Dutch Coffee, was so sweet and full of fruity flavours that it kind of tasted like roosvicee!

Expanding our range of flavours

Although we were deeply enthusiastic about Sidamo, we realized not everybody could appreciate the fruity taste of the coffee. After expanding our knowledge of specialty coffee flavours, we realized offering different coffee flavours was required to meet the needs of all coffee lovers. This resulted in three different bottled Dutch Coffees.

Testing, experimenting and discussing

In the months that followed, we tested every specialty coffee we could get our hands on. In total, we’ve probably tested over a hundred coffees prepared as Dutch coffee. We even tested them using different brewing methods. Eventually, after long tasting sessions, we selected six different coffee types that caught our interest. A coffee from brazil, a coffee from Colombia, an Indonesian coffee and two Ethiopian coffees. Out of these six coffees we selected three coffees, which we thought, were most suitable for the Dutch consumer.

To be continued…